Q & A

There may be things about BFC or Bible-believing Christianity generally that you have questions on.

Here are a random selection that have been posed and briefly answered.

If you would like more information on any of the issues covered here – or if there are questions not listed here, to which you would like an answer – please email or call using the contact details on this site.


1. What is Battisford Free Church all about?


2. Who are the people who go to this Church?


3. BFC =Battisford Free Church or (BigFriendlyChurch?)


4. Does the ‘Free’ in Free Church mean any denomination is welcome?


5. What is a Christian?


6. Can you explain the existence of dinosaurs and Neanderthals? Humans never interacted with dinosaurs or there’d be evidence. If God made all the animals for humans, then what’s the point of animals that humans never encountered? If we are indeed made in God’s image, then were the similar looking Neanderthals a mistake?


7. If GOD is so good why is there suffering?


8. What does it mean exactly, that the way to a relationship with GOD is through Jesus?


9. If Jesus was GOD incarnate, did GOD die on the cross?


10. What if the cosmos is all that there is and there is no God?


11. Who made God?


12.  If I can’t see God, why should I believe in Him? How can I know that God exists?


13, How can one God be three persons?


14. If God knows I am hurting, why doesn’t He help me?


15. Aren’t all religions basically the same and different ways to the same end? Why do Christians insist that one must believe in Christ alone to be saved?


16. Do we know when GOD started creating the Heavens and the Earth?


17. Baptism, is it necessary for Salvation?