Q6 Answer

Can you explain the existence of dinosaurs and Neanderthals?
Humans never interacted with dinosaurs or there’d be evidence. If God made all
the animals for humans, then what’s the point of animals that humans never
encountered? If we are indeed made in God’s image, then were the similar
looking Neanderthals a mistake?


A] Dinosaurs:

The word ‘dinosaur’ is an 19th century term meaning ‘terrible lizard’ the old word both in the Bible and texts of many civilizations is ‘dragon’.

There are many instances of terrifying animals in ancient texts and paintings.

The creation account in Genesis tells us all animals were created shortly before man – and co-existed.

After the world-wide flood in Noah’s day; animals (including dinosaurs) repopulated the earth but some could not adapt to the changes in the ecosystem and became extinct or were hunted to extinction by man.


B] Neanderthals:

Modern genetics has proven all humans are from a single source.

After the flood man repopulated the earth and by spreading out into very different environments

Different people groups became visually distinctive due to their environment and gene pool. (i.e. hot, sunny climes meant dark skinned people survived better)

In Europe the climate turned colder and Neanderthal’s, although possessing larger brain capacity than modern man died out.

Their skeletons exhibit signs of diseases like rickets that the onset of an Ice-age and poor diet would cause.

Therefore there are no real ‘racial’ differences only environmental/cultural ones.

Even Neanderthal’s were fully human – they were just a tribal group that died out.