Welcome to Battisford Free Church.

Whether you’ve recently moved into the area, are just visiting – or just curious as to what goes on; you are very welcome.

For a full run-down of the activities that happen throughout the week, see the WHAT’S ON and EVENTS pages. Here is a flavour of what goes on at the main Sunday meetings.

Morning Service:  10:45am

This is a family- friendly time with worship led by  our Praise & Worship group. The Bible will be read and our Pastor – or another speaker -will present teaching from it. A creche is arranged for pre-school children, which allows parents to listen without distraction. There is usually a section of the meeting for school age children.


Once a month (usually the first) a time of Communion follows at about 12:00 noon.


Evening Service:  6:30pm

The evening service is led by Pastor Iain or others. The Bible is read and taught  by Pastor Iain or another speaker.

Youth Service

Once a month (usually the 4th Sunday) the Youth Group takes the service


Once a month (usually the 3rd Sunday) a time of communion follows the evening service