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Sundays Mornings

We meet every Sunday morning in the church building. Our morning service starts at 10:45am where you can join us in worshipping the Lord and learning from a message on God's Word. Children can go to Leapfrog, our Sunday School. After the service, everyone is welcome to stay for a hot drink and a chat - there's usually cake or biscuits too!

Our online services

Our Sunday services are all recorded and live-streamed to our Facebook Page. You can use the link below to view our previous services.

Watch Our Latest Services:


This group is available for Primary School age children (Reception to year 6), during the morning service. After a time of worship all together in church, there is usually a break in the service at which point children go out to the back hall to enjoy stories and activities designed for their level of understanding.


Once a month, usually the first Sunday, we include Holy Communion in our service.

Holy Communion, also known as the Lord's Supper, reminds us of Jesus' last meal before He died when he shared bread as a symbol for his body being broken, and wine as a symbol for his blood being spilled when he was crucified. It helps us to remember what Jesus has done for us, the sacrifice offered once and for all.

bring & share Lunches

Every now and then we feel it is important not just to come together to hear God's word but to spend time together in fellowship. For a bring and share lunch, funnily enough, we bring and share! Usually we have a list in the front porch where everyone can write down what they're planning on bringing along. After the service, all the food is laid out and we all dig in!

Church Lunches
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