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On Tuesday 8th March 2022, many folk from the village and surrounding area came to donate items and cash to support those suffering in Ukraine.

We were overwhelmed by the car after car that arrived on our doorstep with things to give. Everything was sorted into its type and boxed up. The following day, all the items were collected by Stowmarket Food Bank and taken off to an arctic lorry to be sent to Ukraine. Over £2,000 was raised and was sent to a Dnipropetrovsk Baptist Church in Ukraine to help them support the people.

Thank you to everyone involved for all your help!

Ukrainian Support

As a community we are extremely concerned for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine during this invasion by Russia.

If you can help in any way, please contact us.

Money Donations via:

Disaster Emergency Committee

or call 0300 0230820


Samaritan’s Purse Ukrainian Appeal

from Dnipro Independent Baptist Church

Dear neighbour,


With the situation in Ukraine growing more desperate by the moment I believe that as a community it’s time for us to show our support for the ordinary civilians of Ukraine who are now in need of basic food and medical supplies. In the past I have been to the south eastern city of Dnipropetrovsk and have recently been in contact with neighbourhood groups there. By next week ‘Dnipro’ will be in a desperate situation and we can help do something to remedy this if only a little.


If you are able, please donate the items listed overleaf and cash at Battisford Free Church from 10am-12pm and 6pm-8pm on Tuesday 8th March. We will then get all items to Dnipropetrovsk Baptist Church in Ukraine by truck ASAP. Any cash donated will go directly to The Dnipropetrovsk Food and Night Shelter.


If you would like to donate money online, the two organisations we suggest are Disaster Emergency Committee and Samaritan’s Purse Ukrainian Appeal.


Thank you for your support as a community, I and the innocent people of Ukraine are grateful.




Pastor Charles Mackenzie

Pastor Battisford Free Church

Photos of Dnipropetrovsk Baptist Church and the work they're doing to help.

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