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Another part of what we do at Battisford, is to support other people and organisations in their work of sharing the news about Jesus Christ and being His hands and feet on Earth. We share the values of those we support and in some cases have personal or church family connections to those involved. The following people and societies receive the majority of the funds we allocate to mission work.

Stowmarket and Surrounding Areas Food Bank

During the pandemic, we have been making the extra effort in supporting Stowmarket and Surrounding Areas Food Bank. We have been collecting on the 4th Saturday of each month and so far have donated over one ton of food for local people in need.

Faith Mission
Daniel & Grace Howson

Daniel & Grace work on the supervision of a new church plant and a community café and drop-in centre on the Earlesfield estate in Grantham. They were formerly involved in the Faith Mission centre and campsite at Harby near Melton Mowbray, UK

UFM Worldwide
Shirley Hough

Shirley is based in the north of Brazil. (Originally from the Newcastle area) She has been involved in work with street children and refuge centre in Belem which has the aims of reaching them with practical aid to help them off dependency on drugs and crime and introduce them to the Gospel. She is also in language and cultural training with New Tribes Mission to be able to take the Gospel to some of the more remote tribal groups in Brazil

The Cogwheel Trust

The Cogwheel Trust cares for poor and vulnerable children in Kampala, Uganda. It has a residential children’s home and operates a primary school caring for over 100 children. This provides everyday needs and education to both children from the home and local children who live nearby but who also need extra support. The emphasis is on not only providing for the child’s material needs but also in showing the love of Jesus in the way they are cared for.


SIM works in evangelism, church planting and development in over 40 countries in Asia, Africa and South America. Around 4,000 SIM workers are spread over 70 countries and 6 continents. Missionaries serve in some of the poorest and most unreached countries of the world.SIM is involved in church planting, health work, bible translation, student ministry, supporting local churches.

Mission Sweden
The Clark Family

Ben and Emelie Clark, along with their 4 children are a family with hearts for Jesus and hearts for Sweden. Ben grew up in Yorkshire, UK, while Emelie grew up just outside Gothenburg, Sweden and over the last few years noticed a decline in church across Sweden - particularly among young people.So they moved to Gothenburg, Sweden in 2020 and started a church of their own.

Untitled design (3).png
Hands at Work
Dan & Jen Waspe

Hands at Work coordinate the care program for thousands of poor and orphaned children. The care model used is to identify and support local people to provide care for these children - usually close family.

Dan supervises the care teams and looks for opportunities to spread into new areas of operation. Jen coordinates things from the hub in  South Africa, and arranges the program for youth teams that often go over for short term mission experience.

The following links are to those organisations and people that are also closely followed by people at Battisford and who we have some long-standing connections to.

International Mission
to Jewish People
Christian Motorcyclists’ Association UK (CMA)
CMA copy.jpg
Tools with a Mission
Good News for Everyone
(formerly known as Gideons UK)
Sizewell Hall
Christian Conference Centre
London City

Links to other Organisations

The Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) -

Barking Chapel

Cedars Church

The Good Book Company

The Superior Word

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